Characters moves are still extremely shaky !

Whenever another player or bot crosses my way i can observe a very shaky walking / running animation.
It doesn´t look like a natural and smooth move.

You cannot see this shaky animation when the characters move towards or away from you.
It´s only visible when watching them from the side ( crossing the line of sight ).

The wobbly moves destroy the immersion and should be adressed as soon as possible.
And i am sure that it is not a specific problem with my PC as many other Sandstorm players observe this too.

Thank you for your hard work NWI developers !
This game is really awsome and i enjoy any minute playing it. For me it is already the best game of the year !
It just needs a bit more optimization and bugfixing ( little bugs here and there but i am sure you will fix them soon one after another )

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I concur that I also see this happening whilst viewing other players. Strangely, if I am standing still, it appears normal, only whilst I'm also moving does this happen.