Extended stanag mag should hold 40 rounds.

Most aftermarket extended stanag (compatible AR15) magazines can hold 40 rounds. the fact the game limits it to 35 rounds has no pertinent reason.

No pertinent reason aside from gameplay balance you mean?

I'm ok to balance the game, but it must be done using realistics features. 40 rounds AR15 mags must be balanced by adding 40 rounds AK magazines (which really exist). Staying with realistics stuffs is the philosophy of the game since 2007. it must stay like this.

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What he means is that the ingame model is waaay to long. 35 round mag is barely longer than the 30.

alt text

the one ingame is a pretty bad model tbh probably a placeholder

the view/world models dimensions inaccuracies are another problem. the main problem here is the mag round capacity.

Many company such as Magpul, Promag, C-products...etc make 40 rounds mags :

but none released 35 rounds mags.

Please add 40 rounders extended mags for both sides.

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