Cosmetic Resets.

I've noticed several times throughout the beta my cosmetic purchases have been reset, except I don't get the currency back. I'm now at the point where leveling up takes quite some time, and it would take too long to make back what I earned previously in the game. With the currency I have, whenever I try to make a purchase it says "insufficient balance" even though I have more than required. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Cosmetics points will be reset upon release from what the devs have said in the weekly q & a on youtube, so would not worry to much as it is not long until 12th of December and any grinding before that is not beneficial for you.

@pacalis but they also said that beta players will get 50% of their cosmetic points upon full release, so grinding now is beneficial.

Therefore, people losing points now translates to less "free beta participation" points on release. Also if this is a bug that happens after release it will trigger so many people.

Oh, I was not aware. Thank you for clarifying.