Ammo capacity needs a rework

Ammo capacity definitely needs a rework. Currently you get three mags for your gun, plus another two for a chest rig, or another four if you have a chest carrier. Now three mags is already a joke, but I can sort of understand it since five mags works well for a chest rig and you will probably never need all seven mags with a chest carrier unless you're in co-op. My issue with the ammo capacity in this is that the number of mags stays the same for every primary weapon except machine guns and shotguns. Guns like the SVD simply can't be used without at least a chest rig. The other issue caused by the current system is it doesn't account for extended magazines. With guns like the Mp7, you are better off bringing extended mags as opposed to a chest rig. The same goes for drum mags in co-op. Extended and drum mags should not be used to carry extra ammo, they should be for people who don't like reloading in tight situations.

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I think the core issue is the carriers. They're a holdover from the old game which isn't being fixed because it isn't broken.

It's such a shit system though. It's bad for gameplay and it has no basis in reality.

It's bad for gameplay because it gives the end user zero control over their configuration. It has no basis in realism because in reality everyone is wearing MOLLE kit or something extremely similar (IdZ/etc).

The carriers have generic weights attached to them which represent nothing but CLOTH. The cloth pouches apparently weigh a comparable amount to SAPI plates.

Why not simply have 6 "carrier" slots beneath three extant explosive slots. In each you can equip ammunition of your choosing, for example "+2 Primary Magazines", "+3 Pistol Magazines", "+1 40mm Grenade", etc. Have each weigh an appropriate amount and have an appropriate point cost.

Have carrier slot 3 and 4 cost twice as much to equip the same things as 1 and 2. Have slots 5 and 6 be three times the base cost. So, you can have 1 extra 40mm round for 1 point, another for 2 points (total 3 points for 2 rounds) and a final extra for 3 points (total 6 points for 3 rounds).

If I'm playing grenadier I'm happy with 3 primary mags if I can carry 4 40mm rounds. If I'm using a bolt rifle I'd like some extra pistol mags. If I'm running a MK18 all I want is extra 5.56. Why should I have to weigh myself down beyond that?

@whitby +1000000 To your alternative to chest carriers, although I think a few things about it could be modified. More munitions should increase weight, as it is somewhat realistic, and adds a solid aspect to the game. I also feel that my initial suggestion for varying magazine counts depending on the weapon should still be included. It doesn’t make sense that you carry the same amount of 10 round 7.62 mags as 50 round 5.56 drums. The only fundamental issue I see with your solution is that it may complicate loadout selection. While the game does take some pride on weapon customization, you should not be sitting there for a full minute creating your loadout. With that said, I do really like your idea. NWI should explore new ideas, not copy what worked in the previous game. Currently chest carriers are “Do I want more stuff?”, but with what you recommended, it would be “Do I want more ammo, or grenades?” along with some other options.

Not just the capacity the weight also needs work around.

The Extended or Drum mag has same weight as regular mag.
But in reality it will add more weight to the gun and it should.
If the regular mag is 20rounds and extended is 30 while drum hold 50, how can the weapon has same weight for all?
Also if you use a drum mag u mostly won't need the light carrier, as your total ammo capacity for drum is 3drum50rounds=150 rounds total without the light carrier.
While with light carrier will give you 5regular mags
20rounds=100rounds only.
But overall the light carrier will add more weight and gives less ammo. Although if you need more explosives you should have it.


I stated "have each weigh an appropriate amount" - I totally agree these things should add weight. But I want the extra weight to be utilised in a way of my choosing, for my mission, for my playstyle. (The reason MOLLE exists, because it's modular.)

I don't think it adds too much complexity. It removes the carriers which must be selected in order to gain the desired number of mags or explosives or explosive slots. It then makes these things independent purchases. It may be a couple more clicks but it's slightly easier to understand for a new player as it's self-explanatory. I'd strongly argue it's not going to have any noteworthy effect on setup time for gear.

You make valid points against having 3 mags per gun. Personally, I feel my suggestion fixes the situation as it gives a full sliding scale to ensure you have the precise number of mags you want. Having said that, the MP7 and SVD would benefit greatly from additional default ammunition if such a system wasn't available, that I will support wholeheartedly.

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@whitby this was brought up all the way back in the closed alpha when someone brought up that pistol-play was near impossible due to the ammo restrictions.

I think your soultion for the carrier is quite fantastic and would allow a good amount of personailization of loadout without introducing too much complexity.


I recall discussing this back in the closed alpha, I think I proposed a less developed version of this solution in the thread back then. Would be incredible to say goodbye to the light/heavy kit system.