M4A1 or G3A3?

Which one is the better Commander/Observer gun for you? Security wise speaking.

I prefer the M4, despite it's terrible irons. But the last is way more better looking, like a chunkier MP5 and i love that look.

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Technically, both guns are different caliber and have huge difference in fire rates.
No comparison, both guns have different usage like m4 for flanker and rushers, while g3 gud for moving slow, suppressing or take down enemies behind cover(like tin or wood, u can penetrate some thin walls also)

I prefer the G3, simply because when you shoot dudes with it, they go down.

G3 has far more stopping power. Drops people fast. Much better used on semi rather than auto and at slightly longer range. M4 is much better at close range and is more forgiving at those shorter ranges.

Even though the guns are completely different I think the comparison is fair as anyone doing well kill-wise usually runs either the m4a1 or g3a3/fal. I run the FAL, even though its essentially the g3a3, I like it better for some reason lol.

The G3 seems like it has pretty much very low recoil thanks to it's slow rate of fire doesn't it? If that's so, i might start using it with zero attachments on, the irons are much nicer and i can depend of it's 20 rounds

FAL hits harder and has a bolt release. G3 looks nicer, that's about it really.

The only two guns I tried in pvp - Both guns will do the job just fine even on multiple targets.

I used to run with G3A3 but the reloads got tiresome so I stick with M4/AKM most plays now.

@pakislav we can all agree that the FAL is king for now, even in the closed alpha days.

My playstyle is more suited for semi-auto shooting so the FAL is wonderful, though the m4a1 works wonders for a certain gameplay style.

G3A3 defending
M4A1 pushing
although i prefer m4a1