HELP PLEASE I'm looking for a special trailer mod.

HELP PLEASE I'm looking for a special trailer mod.
after a total crash of my hard drive, I'm looking for a mod
and indeed it is a B-double log trailer, unfortunately I do not remember where I downloaded it and who the author is. therefore my please anyone who knows the mod and can help me

0_1543147645887_20180913173206_1.jpg 0_1543147686548_20180913171429_1.jpg 0_1543147743449_20180913155559_1.jpg

I know i did get a double trailer from the Oshkosh HEMT 8 Wheeler at the Mudrunner mods.

Thank you, but unfortunately that is not the right one

I had this from workshop, but after a ride or two, I've decided that it is not what I want, so I've unsubscribed. Try to look in there...

You're welcome. I'm looking for a trailer myself. A semi-trailer that look like the garage semi-trailer, but are a bit wider and are without the container and have foldable ramps. But it's no wear to find.
There's a couple of double trailer's at Mudrunner mods. But if it was on Steam Workshop did probably the creator remove it.

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can you remember if that was a pure trailer mod, or was he on a truck?

@thombuggy definitely just trailer