Steam Best Environment Award?

I nominated SS for Steam's Best Environment Award. I think its a fitting award given how well the game portrays the feel of modern infantry warfare. What do you guys think?

I actually nominated it for "Game of the Year". It has high potentials and in the end the package itself is what i like about the game so much. The pure environment in Sandstorm is very good as well, but to be honest, there are other games in this specific category who did better in my opinion.
Also nominated NWI for "best developer". Why? Because their openness about feedback from players is great. I played Sandstorm since the last Alpha and they really adressed a lot of players concerns. I feel like they work hard and constantly on their game.

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Good call, I haven't done Steam Awards yet but you just motivated me to do so. I'll nominate Sandstorm for best environment and NWI for best developer ... game of the year is a tough one ...

I nominated it for "Game of the Year." Becouse I like military shooters with low TTK.
I like aircombat simulators too (DCS World), but this year is empty for this type of games..

All other shooters sucks.. BF-5 trash, maybe COD BO IV - but it too futuristic and arcade, Squad was in 2017, WW3 - very raw....

So SandStorm in 2018 for me.

Lmao so I didnt nominate it for goty bc I was thinking thats for rdr2 but then I remembered thats not on pc xD

@sandmartin said in Steam Best Environment Award?:

I like aircombat simulators too (DCS World), but this year is empty for this type of games..

Unless you count the F/A-18C module for DCS 😄

I don't think Steam treats it in a way that it can be nominated anyway?

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@thehappybub I nominated Sandstorm for GOTY, NWI for Best Devs and I think Insurgency for Labor of Love.

Hey everyone,

Thank you for the nominations, we all really appreciate them here.

@iyagovos Does this mean I get a cookie for nominating your game for GOTY?