Shotgun bug

I think just found out a bug, while having shotgun, at the start of round or wave, if you go to crate and refill ammo you will take 1 full round, like 8 bullets.

Do you mean like, you load an extra shell into your shotgun?
If so, that's not a bug, because it's just like having a 30 round magazine which you load into the gun. After you load the gun you have 1 bullet in the chamber and 29 in the mag. If you reload at this point you'll have 1 bullet in the chamber and 30 bullets in the new magazine.
Same story with the shotgun, when you cock it, you get 1 in the chamber and then you have space to load 1 more. That's why they refer to shotgun mag sizes as 5+1 or 7+1 or whatever.

Anyway a bug I found with the shotgun was that when you're viewing someone using a shotgun and he starts reloading, the reloading animation gets stuck and the character will keep infinitely spawning the shotgun (while the person playing obviously does not see that and can fire the weapon like normal).

@sgt-kanyo Yup.

The bug also affects bolt action rifles, btw.

What's funny is that in Insurgency 2014, bolt action rifles would start missing one round but pump shotguns would be at full capacity. In this game, bolt action rifles start at full capacity and shotguns are missing a shell.

This is still a thing today. Round starts with one less shell than the shotgun holds and you have to press R to have a full chamber.

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