Advice to unstuck

Any advice to get free the trailer?
Its left middle wheel is stuck in rock, Maz 73xx and kraz 255 couldn't help (from all sides, winching/towing/hitting)

alt text


  1. How the heck did you even get into that situation? lol

  2. Looks like the only chance you got is to try to winch the trailer to the right, clear of the rock. Also looks like your winch point is to close, to get max power from the winch I find you want to hook onto winch points that's further away rather then closer.

Winching to the side does put you at rick of losing the load, but it's not like you have a lot of options left. If the trailer is connected to a truck then it should be more resistant to rolling, just make sure not to roll the truck with the trailer.

Haha wow, nice work. I've had trucks fall into rocks like that but never stuck.

I wonder if you save and reload will it be stuck still?

@stazco i would say it is a lost cause, but never know if you reload your save it could maybe spawn back in not stuck. if you have not tried by now.

do give it a good try though before giving up totally. i've gotten out worse. lol

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Thx for ideas.
I got it just passing by (its Crossing, and i avoid tarmac so routes are extreme)
Save/reload, and any winch didnt help(
So i ll try k700, next unload logs, next...give up...bad there is a limit for trailers (7) so spawning new log trailer will kill some of my infrastructure fuel or garage trailers(

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i dont think ur getting that out of this rock homie, either it glitches and u fly in sky with 500km/h with ur truck or crash the game

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@zamal most probably
But its great! In RL it happens often when you lose your transport due mistake, harsh terrain or bad luck.
So i give up and happy with immersion!))

that's a tough spot you're in. This one was unsavable as well. 0_1544287165092_stuck in a tree.JPG

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@rufus what map is that?

I believe that is out of my russian collection. (non-workshop), But i could be wrong. I've DL'ed every map there is, since day one. in case the game goes ass up, i'll have maps for a year or two. (a little less than 900 maps).
not to get off topic. __Rufus

@rufus oh. I asked cus of the way if looked. I like maps with a dangerous cliff side drive

sorry king, there are so many maps that i just pick one every few days.. there are two maps that are killer, and can not find them for the life of me.. i'll start adding the map name to my screenshots. ( if i find some maps with heavy cliff action i'll send them your way) _RUFUS

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@rufus oh. I asked cus of the way if looked. I like maps with a dangerous cliff side drive

search on steam workshop for some of those "la luna" maps, they have cliff side roads. also might want to check out the "Moments in the Mud" (Off Topic section page 3 i think) thread. a few map links in there as well you might enjoy.