Errors with the Editor all of a sudden

Is anyone else having issues running the editor as of about 2 days ago? I keep getting the "cant get file size of ViewTerrain.xml at XML.cpp" error. I've uninstalled and re-installed both the game and the editor.. I even verified both. I've also tried this with and without the modloader 1.7.9 and the newest 1.8.0.

btw. i did just notice that there are a lot of new default models added to the library

it must be something with the american wilds stuff...

have you tried clearing the spintires mudrunner editor - beta appdata? sometimes that works but idk.

also i have not had any issues but thats only because i have had no internet for a while.

@pix3lmonkey nope is not model related, are you triying to update a old Spintires or Mud runner Map? that error is related to old fomated maps, the view terrain is now loaded in the stg of the mp rather than the prebuild XML of the map, there is one way to fix it and thats by generating a new map with the same size and copy the lines wich you can find in the %appdata% backup folder of your editor onto the backup folder of the map that has the issue... but still too much work for something that doesnt cause any upload, or game load issues (or crashes of the editor) just a anoying error screen

another reason of why is showing is because you increased the size of your map with xml tricks (i've do it allot to make small 16x16 maps go to 20x 0r higher and also to decrease them from 64x to 16x)wich can damage your backup files or move models around in werid ways

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ive had that issue before and i had to uninstall the old editor (the editor for the og spin)