COOP Bots are broken... Also, we need a medic class..

Soo.. after the new update bots got really good at shooting to heads, also good at throwing grenades at people aswell... seriously theyre literally terminators from the future...

Also about the injured people.. atleast can we get a combat life saver ? because right now the game feels like u go die respawn, repeat no heals during a coop match witch is suicide, the only way that you can get healed is by resupplying yourself for some reason i imagine that my character is a 1 shot target everytime non less if i wear Heavy armor (its now useless anyway with these bots) Fix it. seriously.

Its suppose to be hard so that it doesnt get boring fast. U can get med class through mods later if our dear modders keep up the good work they did in Insurgency 2014. Medics dont belong in vanilla game - it gets way too easy.

Before this update bots would twitch headshot you from across the map, rpg snipe you right in the face also from across the map, silently sneak up on you with absolutely zero sound. They used to be a lot more terminator than they are now.

The laser-guided Molotov is a problem, but it's relatively minor to what it used to be. I find the bots to be much more reasonable aim-wise than they used to be so your headshot point isn't really my experience.

As with the medic class, no thank you. The whole point of not respawning until you capture another objective is that it forces you to play very carefully. It's not impossible to survive a whole match... people including myself get the "Azrael" tag at least every three matches or so (one of the requirements is surviving the whole match).

I love the new bots, Yes it is hard. That is a good thing. If you stick with your team. Clear out building on the way. But If you just run as fast as you can to the next point, most likely you will be killed. I play with some teams and it seams easy and others teams can not get past point B. As far as being sniped. Almost every time I get sniped I sit to long in one spot. My only complaint which I find a bit frustrating is getting blown up threw walls randomly...That's war.