Would reaaally be nice is this was an option. Pretty sure I don't need to explain anymore than that.

I always go back and forth on this. In playing CS:GO and Insurgency, both of which run on Source and allow vote kicking, I've seen plenty instances of trolling players by kicking them for no reason. For that reason, I don't want a vote kick.

However, I would love to see team killers automatically kicked as they are now (if I understand it, it's after three TKs), but with the option of the victim to "forgive" the TK in cases where it's clearly accidental, the TKer is genuinely apologetic, in cases where the victim is actually at fault for walking in front of someone's muzzle while they're engaging an enemy, etc. In cases where the victim chooses to forgive the TK, it would not count against the three TKs required to trigger automatic kicking.

@skillet The way I see it, it's far more common to have a troll screwing up the game for the team than the team vote-kick trolling a single person. That takes some 4-chan level co-operation.

Not saying it doesn't happen, just saying I'd be ok with it occasionally happening for the greater good. Because one guy being troll kicked doesn't lose the game. But one guy trolling the team often does.

Also there are other reasons to kick people other than Tking. A shitty commander that is constantly calling smoke as a defender and refusing to listen to anybody or give up the commander role. Or an observer that constantly goes lone wolf, abandons the commander, and tells everyone to fuck off, losing the game for the team.

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Problem with the last paragraph is, then players start kicking noobs who are trying to learn the game or simply for not playing the way they think they should be played. I guess the bottom line for me is...internet people will figure out a way to screw up a good time one way or the other, so I don't like the idea of giving them the power to prevent me from playing a game I paid for because they don't like me or how I'm playing atm.

Edit to add: By way of example, people tried to kick me out of my very first game of Insurgency. Why? Because I didn't leave spawn fast enough. They all knew the map, so they sprinted to that point where you have to start being careful while I started moving slowly and cautiously way before that. No reason to inject that brand of poison into a perfectly good game IMO.

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