Missing logs when capsizing truck.

Are I'm the only one who has been experiencing that logs is disappearing completely when capsizing truck when loading and driving to log mill for delivering. So I can't pick and pack scattered logs.

Apparently I im🤔

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I haven't noticed that though I haven't flipped over a loaded truck very recently. But I did notice recently that you lose a log or 2 when manually dropping a packed load. This seems like a new "feature", maybe to prevent players from abusing the drop load feature to get out of sticky situations. I kind of like that. But I'll test the capsizing too. IMO you should be able to pick up all logs in that situation.

Yeah should be able to do that. But haven't been able to just pick up the logs and continue driving since the first Vally DLC. But it did only happen sometimes, now it's happen almost every time.

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I tested this last night and indeed logs get lost even if the truck just tips over. At least on the PC version it seems that this started happening with the AW update. Is this a bug or feature? @Iyagovos

finale it not just me. yeah it did get worse after the AW DLC. and it seam's to be a bug in my case and dose happen all the time as i said.

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I wish we could get a reply from the devs or someone in charge. Last night I observed the lost logs only happen when they're short logs. Previously I think I observed the medium logs doing it too. So if now it only happens with short logs but not medium or long logs it's definitely a bug. I know the devs are working on MR2 but it would be sad and bad for the company I think to leave MR in this state with major bugs still present (like this one, the missing Bison front suspension, dead force feedback on game start, etc.).

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I wish we could get a reply from the devs or someone in charge

Sure, you'll get a reply from the moderator: "I passed it to team, blah"
And literally nothing more will happen.

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missing Bison front suspension

This and other similar things are certainly not bugs.
Devs just do not care.

And now suddenly, Pavel throws a map requiring AW and a new color for the hummer into the steam workshop to get people to buy AW? Or pretend that MR is still supported? And what about the missing original appearances of Russian vehicles?

@knight25 Missing original appearances of Russian vehicles? What do you mean?

Whether they care or not, they are bugs. The bigger question is do they care enough to fix them. Based on their pretty much non-existent bug fixing over the past year, I'd agree they don't care. This certainly doesn't make me want to buy MR2 or even get excited about it.

I hope the dev team will take the time to fix it. @iyagovos

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Missing original appearances of Russian vehicles? What do you mean

For example: If you look at a B-66 truck, it has an un-correct front grill compared to the real life counterpart. As I remember, B-66's is taken from Kamaz 4310. In Steam Workshop, there is a certified mod B-67 made by Pavel - its B-66 with a front grill that more closely resembles that of a real GAZ 66. Some vehicles, however, have never received such versions (for example, B-130).

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Whether they care or not, they are bugs

Yes, but for me a bug is something that does not work properly and is present in the game because the devs did not detect it. However, missing front suspension is something that is impossible to overlook. It's just carelessness.

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The grill issue doesn't bother me, since these are probably not licensed vehicles, hence the generic naming.

I agree regarding the bugs. I guess I should just call it an issue or problem. It does seem like the Bison suspension was done intentionally this way. They probably figured people wouldn't notice. But that's a strange approach to take, since the other trucks do have suspension. Again, it doesn't bode well for MR2 if their approach keeps getting sloppier.

It's actually not just logs going missing when dropping a load, the entire log system is buggy and could use a revisit. The issue also is that a trailer doesn't require the usual minimum number of logs to pack if the truck's log bed already has the minimum number of logs in it. For example, in the case of a short log bed + a short log trailer, logically you'd need 8 short logs to make 2 packed loads, but in fact you just need 5, 4 in the bed & 1 in the trailer (pack the trailer first).

So we have a case here of vanishing logs and logs appearing out of nowhere. But more and more this game appears to be abandon-ware, so I may be wasting my time here writing this.

Yeah sadly enough it's seam's to be abounded more and more this game.