random capture points

random capture points so they move each time the map reloads so we dont get into a groundhog day, and give th egame some extra life

I've been meaning to write a much more extensive post detailing what I'd like to see in a gamemode, however this is fundamentally the core of who everybody I play with wants to see.

Having firefights in totally different places each round would give the game so much more life and make it so much more replayable.

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yes otherwise it becomes dull and predictable, the new maps are lovely, but such a small percentage of them are used.

random capture points or even 3 or 4 different options for each point would make this game have so much more shelf life..

It doenst help having only 3 maps to play on, our regular players on the server are getting a bit bored

I made a post about this before if I remember correctly. I completely agree. Capture points should be randomized to take advantage of those awesome maps, at least for co-op.

But then map design goes out the window...

Who am I kidding? The maps are already laid out horribly with no regard to sight lines or choke points.


The maps are laid out incredibly for a cooperative shooter. For PvP of course they're atrocious and as such the competitive scene is doomed to fail.