"Kicked from server: host closed the connection. "

Is anyone else getting this error when using matchmaking? The community servers work fine, but I much prefer the official servers.

nah we get this in community servers also

I can't even see the official servers....

@deltaactual The official servers can only be accessed through matchmaking. Server browser only show community owned servers.

Matchmaking doesn't work. says - Server closed the connection.

I think it's a momentary issue. Cause we need Matchmaking to access the official server.

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Hi @SimplyFinny,

Can you please follow the instructions in this thread and see if it helps?

@chaton what instructions???
and whats going on? submited logs and everything - whts the outcome?

mr moderator its a bug on nwi end... everyone has it... even when you click replay on a map it crashes everyone thats in the server

Had this problem early on until I set easy cheat to auto and job done but now after the last update even that isn't working, and trust me I have tried everything my end ….HELP..lol