Unrealistic recoil

ever since the new update guns have become almost impossible to use unless single firing. the gunner class is completely unplayable unless you are prone the entire time. also coop AI is way too gernade happy and accurate.

I actually feel like the grenading is just right. When I consider how often we use them....compared to how often they get used on me? It feels right. Before I rarely died from a nade and it felt boring. Now I get mollied in my face....blasted out of windows trying to run from them, it's actually really fun.

Edit- regarding recoil. I like it the way it is now.

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I like the current recoil. Before full auto firing was way too easy and accurate. At least I can control even the machineguns recoil just fine by pulling mouse down. With the MGs accurate single shots or bursts can be shot from crouch.

Yup. I think recoil is fine too.
What I don't like is that there's too much of vertical recoil on LMGs. They're heavy and stable weapons, this shouldn't happen.
However, I'd really want them to have a massive amount of sway (ADS) and a lot of horizontal recoil when standing up, as they are heavy and hard to control in that position. Crouching and prone feels good enough as they are, I think.

Recoil and gun handling is the best I've experienced in any fps to date.

If anything, the recoil is not high enough (in terms of realism). If it were realistic, most of the player-base would shout the roof down. In what world is low recoil more realistic?

@glassofmoke said in Unrealistic recoil:

guns have become almost impossible to use unless single firing. the gunner class is completely unplayable unless you are prone

That's a lot more realistic than you'd imagine.

@rover you can always tell when someone has fired or attempted to fire something similar to a fully automatic rifle.
Anyone who complains about not being able to properly fire a belt-fed machine gun without a bipod and laying down, may have an unrealistic view of recoil.

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@grumf they have only done that to stop the LMG's being way to OP. Before it was way too easy to just run and gun in almost any scenario and win a firefight most of the time, now you cant do that so easily.

@fearthemoose Well that explains why some people are upset.

recoil is good as it is. at least it got a lot better since the update.

@fearthemoose Yeah, I know that. But it's kinda ridiculous now. That's why I proposed less vertical recoil but more horizontal recoil and massive amount of sway to simulate the weight those guns have. Would make aiming and firing consistent shots on a target atrociously difficult while being more... realistic, I guess. I'm not an expert. I only ever tested handguns in .40 and 9mm, 2.23 rifles and 12 gauge slugs in a shootting range once, so... I have no idea how a real belt-fed MG feels like. I can only assume...

I'm happy with the recoil. Some weapons could actually have their recoil increased in my opinion. The machine guns (Regardless of realism) need to have a fair amount of recoil, other wise the class just becomes a one man army, blazing away from the hip slaughtering all who oppose him/her. If you aren't using the bi-pod than you aren't using the class the way it's designed to be played.

AI grenades on the other hand I tend to agree with you on. I wouldn't mind the rate at which they were thrown if they changed the amount of cooked grenades thrown. One or two here and there isn't so bad, but majority of the time in my experience they land and pop as though it was an RPG. The Molotovs are the worst, countless times now I have seen a molotov get launched into the air from an AI I can't even see one hundred meters away. They get thrown from such range that when they come down they land on player's heads hahaha.

@max80 or maybe they realize this game isn't a milsim?

I have first-hand experience with over half the weapons in the game, though mostly in semi-auto only. From my experience the recoil, since the last update, is very realistic.

The only exception to that is the LMGs which I feel have significantly higher recoil than reality, and probobly more than they should for gameplay. I am making some guesses here though, I've never fired a M-249 in real life but can make an informed guess based on other 5.56mm weapons I've fire full-auto. I can only make a wild guess at the PKM, as I've only fired 7.62x54R out of a bolt-action. Based on that experience, I can believe unsupported full-auto would suck.

In real life, semi-auto is how assault rifles are fired most of the time. Full-auto is, in my experience, mostly used for very close range engagements. Past about 20 yards, it's semi-auto exclusively.