I'm playing Sandstorm since the last Alpha. Really enjoy it. The game has huge potential in my opinion.
However, here are some points which are important to me

  1. Performance has to be as good as possible. At least there shouldn't be any crazy framedrops. For me, performance right now in 1080p is okay, could still be a little better.
  2. Map variation: More maps and different alternative objectives per map
  3. ADS: ADS speed should only be effected slightly by general weight, but mostly by gun weight, especially barrel length and sight and other attachments (like grips etc.)
  4. Movement: Sprinting speed should still be slower. At least movement transitions should be smoother, but still keeping higher responsiveness. I found movement in Insurgency Source just right. Why not transfer it identical to Sandstorm?
  5. 5v5 competitive: tbh I have not played competive in Sandstorm yet. Still I could imagine this would be fun and give more long term motivation to play, since in versus are just to many players (in my opinion).
    Push 5v5 could be a nice idea. That would basically be bomb scenario from CS in Sandstorm.
  6. It's not a priority for release, but new weapons post release would be cool. Suggestions: Steyr AUG, Bushmaster/Remington ACR, UMP, Vector, Scorpion, Desert Eagle.
  7. Skins for weapons: Not as freaky as in CSGO of course. Maybe just different color variations and camouflage. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands had some nice skin styles.
  8. No extra zoom at iron or 1x sight. It has to stay at the same fov. At least give us an option.
  9. Free Look. Should be standard in 2018 fps tbh.
  10. Different key bind for jumping and vaulting.
  11. DLSS support might be interesting

I might add points later on.

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