Help adding normal maps for logs?


i working on textures mod for this game for few months
now American wilds came out and i decided to continue my work

i really want to add normal maps to logs and perhaps for other textures to
but i cant find away to make them work on original textures that came without normal maps

if some one know how to make it work i really appreciate this
thank you 🙂

my mod so far:

easy friend get spintires mod any version and install it (you dont need it to load all the tools from it) and go to tools and select the Mesh Editor or converter then open you logs load file ( Short_load,long,medium,etc) and drag and drop one by one in the mesh converter/editor windows and click load, once there add to each of the Materials tags this Line NormalMap="your_texture_name__n_d.your format best use dds or tga"
pm if you have any issue

Thank you !
i hope i will make it work

one more thing - specular map i need to write SpecularMap="" ?

but keep in mind this

  • models dont have specular maps
  • models use normal and detail maps (in dont know how to use detail maps)
  • terrain use height maps and some use normals maps
  • wheel tracks are height maps
  • particles can have detail maps too

@forces said in Help adding normal maps for logs?:

models use normal and detail maps (in dont know how to use detail maps)

A DetailMap is tiled on the model. If you look at the Big_Rock_A model, there is this texture on it - DetailMap="models/detail_stones__s_d.tga"

This is the texture;

And this is what it looks like on Big_Rock_A

It's actually hard to tell how it looks on the rock so I changed it to this to show ya how it's tiled;

And this is how it looks on Big_Rock_A;

By seeing how it's tiled on the rock, you can also see that the white in the image is overlayed onto the original texture but is partially transparent. So I'm guessing it's to add extra detail to the model.

FYI, you can click the image to view the larger image.

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How can i add height maps?

Sometimes its look like the game don't load the normalmaps
i tried to add normalmaps to cliffs, but i cant see any different, probably it dosen't load..
i change the files: overlays_cliff_dirt in the meshcatch
add the line - NormalMap=""
(i make sure that i see the cliff dirt in the game by paint it in blue overlay)

With the logs it work beautifully
0_1543130015095_MudRunner 2018-11-25 09-09-29.jpg

and another thing - i change the gauge panel in cockpit view, but sometimes when i load the game
the needles disappears.. what am i doing wrong?
work with photoshop for textures save as .dds DX5 interpolation alpha

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