Larger Cap Zones

In general the capture/defend zones on points across all maps are quite small. Whats more is that on certain cap zones (Example, Last cap/defend point on Refinery) that are buildings, only one floor of the two stories is counted as the zone. That's pretty odd.

This is especially bad for co-op mode because the AI are just funneled up stairs and through doors making it very easy for players to just sit and hold a point. If the cap/defend zones were expanded to the top floor, bottom floor or outside to the perimeter wall if an area had one would make defending and capturing points far more enjoyable and challenging.

It's just far to easy to clear points with explosives due to the confined small space of the zone.

The problem is also addressed by increasing the RPG / grenade spam the AI does into objectives. You should be shoehorned into spreading out, creating a perimeter defence of some sort and trying to gain fire superiority. Sitting at the top of a staircase with an M249 for a guaranteed win is terrible for gameplay. I think each position players can do this should be places the AI grenade through windows before pushing in.

The bridge on Hideout (Insurgent) is the best cap / defend point in the game currently in my opinion, as there's enough cover on it for a couple of people, but an effective defence includes people on the building in the back and/or spread along the embankment to prevent flanking attacks. It's the objective which consistently requires reacting to the situation and moving people around, instead of just holding an angle indefinitely.

'The bridge on Hideout (Insurgent) is the best cap / defend point in the game currently in my opinion'

Exactly. It's a fairly large cap zone with plenty of areas like you mention for support classes (Sniper/Machinegunners) to set up, plus as a key position (A bridge) it makes sense as a point to capture and hold. A lot of points across maps are tiny rooms on a floor of a building, I can't think of a single compound area that involves a building and surrounding wall as a capture zone. With the release date closing in fast (Dec 13) I doubt they will alter anything now.