Sniper bullet can't goes through glass ?_? C'mon :)

I don't know if this topic discussed before but i'm playing the game for only 3 days, and because i mostly played Sniper (Marksman) role and Push game mode, so i'm gonna put some comments about these topics.

First of all, i think roles should have different score mechanism. I mean, if a sniper got a headshot or if a demolitions guy blew up a vehicle etc. That's because, it actually doesn't matter how much kill you got in score way at the end of match (i don't mean the effect on the victory, because more kills means easier victory). For example, with a marksman role you can have like 20 kills but like 30 objective points. I think this is absurd.

Another point, I CANNOT BELIEVE A M24 BULLET CANNOT GOES THROUGH A GLASS AND KILL ENEMY. C'mon guys. This is more than a joke. Fix this asap. And actually a little bit related to this issue, i'm not sure there are bullet types but it should have.

Lastly, a shotgun can't kill with every shot hit from 30 meters. Ok, maybe sometimes but not always. Because shotgun bullet spread is a little bit rng.

Anyway, thanks for game, it's awesome, and can't wait for upcoming updates.

Snipers in general have been sucking since the removal of the long barrel, they need to just make the long barrel a default stat for bolts.

where is this glass you cant shoot through? Ive been playing since closed Alpha testing and not encountered this!

@fearthemoose Every single glass wither a building window or a car glass bullet won't penetrate and kill the enemy, you will need 2 or 3 shots in order to break the glass.

I shoot people through glass with normal rifles on the regular, is there a specific window that's bugged?

This I have found too. Technicals especially. Sure, glass completely fucks ballistics but if I shoot into the driver side window then I expect to need one or two hits to kill. Not 5-7

@plppln said in Sniper bullet can't goes through glass ?_? C'mon 🙂:

This I have found too. Technicals especially. Sure, glass completely fucks ballistics but if I shoot into the driver side window then I expect to need one or two hits to kill. Not 5-7

I think they made the glass in the technicals more bullet proof, [as in bullet proof glass] because in the closed alpha's the technicals were such bullet magnets and so easy to kill the occupants no one would even consider going near them, making an entire part of the game redundant

@facknrite Ive honestly never had this issue. Only thing ive noticed is its harder to see through glass windows at the sides/bottom due to the fuzz texture.

@fearthemoose Yeah, but since most technicals are usually things like a toyota hilux why the hell would there be bullet proof glass!?!?! It makes no sense to me at all. Bullet magnets or not.

I too encountered this problem. It's like you have to shoot the glass out first and than the bullets do damage to the person behind.
It's ridiculous, because I remember shooting the driver in the head through glass 3 times, before the glass broke and then I could finally finish him.
Bullets go through metal, let alone fucking car glass, so yes this indeed needs to be fixed. I think maybe the reinforced steel needs to be bullet proof on the technical and that's it.

@plppln Why couldnt people put bullet proof glass in their trucks that are geared up specifically for combat? After all that effort of rigging up an armoured .50 cal on the back, replacing the regular glass would be a breeze. Have you seen how easy it is to replace a windscreen nowadays? .... Also, trucks, lorries, jeeps and most other military vehicles have at least bullet resistant plastic windows in them [atleast in the UK military anyways], so its not really a stretch. Hardly as stupid as being instakilled by someone kicking open a freaking door, or vehicles always exploding when they take enough damage thats for sure. It is a game at the end of the day after all.

While old russian 50s are all over the middle east as well as sheet metal bullet proof glass/polycarb is not. Thats why. If they put metal slats over the window id be fine with them having some armour.

@plppln thats just semantics though isnt it. Again, its a game not real life. Who cares if it makes the vehicles usable.

@fearthemoose Im going to have to disagree. Its a semi realistic game, sure not a sim. I would understand if it was a military vehicle but its not, its a pickup truck.

right, so its really hard to believe these generic "insurgents" and "security forces" have no ability to acquire bullet resistant non opaque materials [which you can buy on the web FYI, just like how you can buy basically anything if you know where to look], but they can get Apache attack helicopters, blackhawks, A10 Warthog air force support, modern body armour, weapons & explosives, artillery and custom made drones.............


But nope, what is essentially thick plastic is "too unrealistic" lmao

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