Can't be definite about this, or maybe it was just coincidence, but after enabling this command my server had problems with
my server not accepting connections. Not straight away but reports from players in game said the server seemed to be overloading & then stopped responding. They could not reconnect to the server.
When this came to my attention I restarted the server but people still could not connect to the server. The server appeared in the Server Browser but when a connection was tried they simply got a black screen. The BETA label was in the top left corner & the game music could be heard. I tried for 2 days to rectify the server but could not find an issue.
In the end I changed the joining port & people could again join the server. I had removed the bCounterAttackReinforce command & had no issues for 2 days. Apart from the occasional restart that is needed

Anyone else get something similar or can add any details for the DEVs?????????