physics while walking/running need more tweaking

I still feel like it doesnt feel right when I move. Someone said it best one round in that it feels like they are walking on ice.

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I get that feeling sometimes too, but I think it's less about the movement changes being there, and more about the lack of immersive effects that make the player FEEL like they're actually making the movements. It feels kind of like we're in a baby walker alt text
I think what is needed is more effects and sounds and animations that make it really feel like you're there.

Here are some examples ripped from Hardcore Henry:

Sprint and Door Kick (perfectly applicable to this game)
Throwing Grenade With Gun Still in Hand (a feature that needs to be implemented)
Running and Sliding While Firing
Jumping Down From a Ledge (much more impactful than the game currently has)

It's really the camera movement that makes the actions the hero in the movie makes feel IMPACTFUL and IMMERSIVE. Imagine if the movie had instead put the camera on a dolly with the gun held in wouldn't have been nearly as good, and it would feel like the game currently does. Like you're on wheels (or ice skates)

I'm not calling for massive increases in camera bob, but I do think having a noticeable lean when changing directions (to imply leaning into the change of directions) would be a massive improvement. Going along with that, noises that go with actions would greatly help too. (Like a scuff of a shoe on dirt when changing directions quickly instead of it being just another identical footstep sound) Other changes are needed too before it will finally feel like it should.

TL/DR: It's a mistake that the camera stays perfectly vertical at almost all times, no matter what action the player is doing. It kills the immersion.

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Walking on ice is a good way to put it. Yesterday i had to jump around 6 times trying to vault through the window.

@amurka said in physics while walking/running need more tweaking:

noticeable lean when changing directions

Yea I think this is all it would need.

The sprint and door kick is already in, a grenade with one hand would kill the balance, a grenade is meant to be thrown behind cover and so if someone with a gun sees ya you should be fucked, running while firing is not in the game to slow it down and balance the sprint, you sprint to travel distances or get in cover faster, not to attack and now when you jump off a ledge you hit the ground a ton heavier, and you become slower depending on the height, although there should be a better animation, like a falling one if you jump from too high, i like the one in RS2, i would love more camera bob, and hearing your footsteps when you turn and so, also the walking on ice is part of a balance to heavy armor, with light armor you shouldnt experience much of it.