Height flatbed semi-trailer

Hei. I'm wondering on if someone have made or can make a semi-trailer like the Standar 6/8 pts high flatbed that have three axles, but put a set of heavy duty ramp at the end that can be lowered and raised like the ramp on a low flatbed semi-trailer. Ofcourse it will have a high center of gravity. But it wouldn't get hung up in middle at the uneven muddy terrain like the low flatbed semi-trailer. So it is able to drive a vehicle up on the semi-trailer, making it easier to transport machines like the k700 or k8900.

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Apparently there's no interest in or no need for this that type of trailer.

It was supposed to edit in my comment. But did push wrong button. But still that type of trailer I was mentioned about, doesn't seem to have any interest. Using the Low Flat bed trail in off road terrain meaningless, it does get hung up because of the low clearance from ground and up to the chassis on the trailer.

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ok no one is going to make that trailer becasue no one makes semis.

There are some ho are making trailer mod's. But yeah, not semi-trailer's. Except form the Monster trailer mod on Steam Workshop, that we're ment for the Modified Monster vehicles.

There are quite a lot of semis on the workshop. most of the are inlcuded in truck Mods.

I've been looking for a flatbed for a while, but never found one, in the style of the garage semi with a ramp minus the container. Darius and Muzden made one for log loads but it doesn't have a ramp (iirc it came with their brown Kraz-256). The problem is it would be pretty useless, it's not wide enough so you could only fit A class vehicles on it, and the ramp would be quite steep.

Yeah that's the kind of trailer I'm looking for to. I know that Fox n Foxy did publish the Monster Base Trailer Beta. And dose are very close to be useful for that kind. But yeah, it's need to a little bit wider, have foldable operational ramps and 6 off road tires so It will float better in the mud to make it a useful semi trailer.

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I guess this is not what you are looking for because the flat bed of this semi-trailer has not enough clearance, has it?

D-537 with flat bed semi-trailer
E-7429 with flat bed semi-trailer

that's right. it's not flat low bed trailer im looking for.
it's this type of trailer but a bit wider and with ramp.

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@rufus Thanks but i don't understanding Russian

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@dragonb1988 turn the translator on if your using google.. there are some great trailers there, that meet your description. the translator will even do the dropdowns. hope you find what your looking for. _Rufus

Thanks. Did a search. But no luck yet. Maybe I find it some other time. Or if someone has more skill than I do when about creating a semi-trailer mod then I do. I haven't been to spend so many hours on mod creation. So I have almost no idea how to do it.

i think this is what you're looking for it is a pack so there are a couple of different configs. it is not in the workshop..

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Yeah it's close. But that's a drawbar trailer. 0_1544518436475_20181211_095100.jpg
I take no cred for this awsome graphic.(found on google). But it's the closest I could find.

This is high flatbed semi-trailer with foldable ramps. Out of what I can see. But I don't think that it ever been made one. It will have a higher center of gravity, but wouldn't have the frame down in the mud and wouldn't get hung up at rough terrain.

It's just like a garage semi-trailer without container. Take for instance the MZKT7429_WRECKER add-on at the steam Workshop and put in on a semi-trailer chassis, extend it so it fits the trailer. That would be the easiest thing to do.

Hope someone will try to make one. I don't have enough knowledge or time to learn how to do it myself.

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Is there a guide for how make a semi-trailer. And do I steal or doing something illegal if if borrow frame work and texture from mods that someone already have created.

Don't steal. Its not illegal, but it is not the right thing to do. Take code from the stock trucks.