I have not seen much performance feedback of people using AMD/Radeon systems, so i decided to write my own.
My PC:
*AMD FX 6300 6-core 3.5GHz processor
*Radeon R9 270x 4GB GPU
*2x4GB RAM
*Game is installed on SSD
*Latest drivers installed
Game settings are usually set on medium/low 1080p resolution and the average fps benchmark that i got using fraps was 52.792. I started the benchmark on respawn, finished on endgame (firefight, 22 players). Game usually runs around 60 fps, but very often when i get to cqb firefights or someone calls in air support, pops smoke, throws frags or during respawn when player concentration is big, fps drops to 13-25 range. In most cases this is really frustrating because i can't aim and fire effectively because of the fps drops. I have tried many of community performance guides that include modifying in game files, but nothing worked to a satisfactory level.
So i have tried to lower the setting as much as possible to see if fps drops anyway. I have set all settings to low and changed a resolution to 1280x720. After running a benchmark (same conditions start at respawn, finish at endgame, firefight, around 20 players) i've got 99.286 average fps, but it still dropped as low as 16 in intense situations. FPS drops from over 100 to 16 just don't seem right even on lower end PC.
Video example with lowest settings and 1280x720 resolution here(watch fps counter when i enter the building):
I know that my rig is not a high end machine and i do not expect it running on ultra settings 60 fps, but i do expect consistent fps on low/medium settings.
I'm a long time insurgency fan. Have spent many hours on original Insurgency, Day of Infamy. Sandstorm is now my go to game and first ever pre-order, despite all the technical issues, bugs and so on, because i believe in this game, the idea behind it, but this is frustrating. I really want to help the developers in any way i can so if anyone of the dev team has any questions i will happily help. However, if the game will not be optimized until launch i will have no other choice just to refund it until i can upgrade my system. 😞