Here is a short list of things I encountered while playing:

  • Poor optimization (expected for a beta unreal engine game but still)
  • I glitched into the floor while opening a door 1/10 times but wasn't permanent just got like 5 frames of underground then was teleported to the surface normally
  • 1/3 games have a bug where I can only delete up to 2 charactes in chat then it just stops deleting you have to type to delete 2 more so if you want to get rid of more than 2 characters you have to restart the message
  • Some attachment descriptions don't have any writing in them one of the shotgun shell optimes fletcher or soemthing doesn't have any writing
  • Previewing weapon attachments only works for 2x+ magnifications any others just previews as iron sights.

Someone in my game said even when doors were opened/destroyed the texture was still there for him but no one in the game could relate aka client side issue.

This game has mad potential and I can't wait for it all to be patched up and optimized XD

The fact that I enjoyed this broken mess at 30 FPS says something... Keep up the work guys I'm genuinely so excited for release.