FPS issues... still??

I don't want to complain anymore because this game has great potential... somewhat. While I'll forever be a fan of the original Insurgency, I'm having a hard time liking this game. Everything is up to par, the graphics, gun-play, voice-acting, and more, but, it runs awfully. In a filled server on any map, I get anything from 70 fps to 30. It usually sits in the mid 60s, and this is okay (I guess, I prefer better). But in gunfights, especially when I'm being shot at tanks my fps. I'm guessing the blood effects have to do with this but this unacceptable. Don't even get me started on explosions and gunships. How can I win gunfights at this rate? I would think that I have good specs (Intel Core i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz with 32.0 GB of ram), but I don't know if this is okay or not. I have a gaming laptop and I can run most games better than this, even if it's very new. Is it me, or the game? I usually try to play this at max graphics, because I should be able to, right?

Yea I have a gtx1060 i7 7700hq laptop and I can run everything on very high except shadow and effects I have to set on low. The game is still not very well optimized.

it will probably take them at least 6 months after release to iron out the game
pubg took a year and they have a bigger team than nwi