server owners with same issue?

Hi, i have couple servers 4 of them, and every server a day gets like a black screen it said there where 5 peope playing on it i join but black screen... nobody was playing on it.. anyone with that weird black screen when restarting server its gone? until the next time it happands?? thx for responde!

Yes. Seems to be an issue with all Community Servers. NWI/Steam issue by the looks
Maybe we got locked out because more people were using the community servers than MM :p:

I have my server back up & running. I changed the Port I was using for joining the server. For some reason it is back joinable.
Makes no sense but at least it id now usable

guess you have pc hosted server bc you cant just change port from a server you bought lol anyway that should not be the issue with a black screen..