why is there so much tearing since 11/17?

On the night of 11/16, the game was smooth but the morning of 11/17, i don't know what happened because there was no update but the game was tearing everywhere.
It was so evident when you are in Refinery map and you look at the wavy sheet metal walls and those were tearing everywhere.
The game in general was tearing everywhere as well. It is hard to play the game like that and strains eyes.
If you did something overnight of 11/16, you should investigate and change it back or resolve the problem.
I'm not the only one that says the performance decreased overnight.
Thank you.

"Tearing" is a good description actually. I've been calling it micro-stutters or lack of smoothness, but yea its really small frame rate tearing.

it wasn't like this until 2 days ago.. i have no idea why it is