Some gift for beta testers?

Hello, I think will be cool, if NWI will make some uniqe customization gift for beta-tester (who buy the game before 12 december).
This may be spec ops balaclava for Security side or maybe unique Camo colour, or maybe unique sunglasses/mask for Insurgient side...
Guys, What do you think ?

(in Battlefield 3 it was Colt M1911 if I remember correctly)

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@sandmartin Lol where have you been? πŸ˜‚. Just teasin I can’t be bothered to find you a link but ya you will get a Tattoo and a one time credit boost that accounts for 50% of your total earned cosmetic credits accumulated up until December 12th! This is my understanding someone please correct me if I am wrong or have missed something. Have yourself a wonderful day friend!

Where's the swag for the closed alpha people? lol

@thehappybub You think your so special!! Aha πŸ˜‚ I applied for the alpha several times and never got an invite so where does that leave me lol. 😭 I wanted to be part of the alpha!