COOP : Supply and cars change.

Remove supply crates across all maps. Allow players to drive the pick-up with the supply crate on it.
Remove all other pick-ups spawned for the players from the map. Spawn a pick-up with a gun for the players at the beginning.

Make players be introduced into the game inside of the supply and gun pick-ups. In the future, introduce humvees for these roles.

Alternatively/additionally add a 'supply drop' support type.

What would be the point of driving the supply crate truck ? You have supply crates at each objective, which is more than enough, and helps to keep things balanced. A mobile supply crate would mean infinite explosives/rockets from any point in the map. The horror. Same for the "supply drop" support type. You have to manage your ressources between each objective, that's the whole point.

As for the humvees, I think I already said somewhere else that it can't be done. Humvee brand is protected, and those who possess it will sue any game company that uses their vehicles' image. It can't be done, unfortunately.

I've mentioned removing all supply crates in the first sentence. And there's a timer on resupplying. The same timer should apply to grabbing single magazines/rockets.

It's an interesting idea. The biggest issue I see is it relegates a player to driving around the supply truck, which a lot of people won't want to do, and if no one does it it'll be a serious issue for the team.

@pakislav I know that. Still makes supply crate available from anywhere on the map. Rocket fest incoming. Even with a timer, that would be annoying af. Just as @MAA_Bunny said, nobody wants to follow the guy driving the truck around. Most of us already can't stand being the pet of the commander as an observer. You'd really want to make every member of the team the pet of the truck driver now ? Ain't happening... Plus, it's totally in contradiction with the gameplay Insurgency 2 was appreciated for.

TL;DR : Don't fix what's not broken.

Yeah that's true. It would be great in a custom server tho.

Can't wait for the games release and some realism mods coming out. Sandstorm should allow for much more than Insurgency I hope.

Even though each objective has supply crates, having extra ones would be helpful sometimes. I was thinking of bringing in DOI's supply crate drop maybe?