Recoil/Muzzle Climb

With this latest update it seems there have been some tweaks to the muzzle climb of all weapons. I understand this is for balancing, but it could be reduced somewhat. The weapon I noticed with the most amount of muzzle climb is the M249; it is impossible to fire bursts accurately without using the bipod. Again, I understand this was done for balancing purposes, but it is wildly inaccurate.
During my time in the Army and as a private contractor, I gained much experience with this weapon system. The 249 is not a bulky, cumbersome weapon with high recoil like most games portray. It is a light, short LMG that can be utilized as an automatic rifle in it's role in an infantry fire team. I highly recommend turning down the muzzle climb effect just a tad for all weapons, but mostly the M249.

Consider adding more LMG's to the gunner class. Drop the damage and muzzle climb on the M249. Add the M240B and other heavier LMG's with higher calibers and have those weapons with high damage but also with higher muzzle climb/recoil.

Agree to both of you opinion but if you make m249 too little recoil people will just run into an objective and spray&pray to clear the corners.
I would say make the recoil tame until it hits 5-6rounds and make it go wild

I'm overall quite happy with the way recoil works now, except for the LMGs. I understand what they are going for, but I think it's over done now and needs to be toned back down. LMGs should be usable when crouched and aiming, and right now they really aren't past about 10m.

Try PKM it has even more than M249.
However I'm fine how it is.
Typical case of realism vs gameplay (I made a post about that):
It might be unrealistic that it is as high as it is right now, but it improves quality of gameplay (compared to patch before November 8th)