They do open, but I have an issue where the door animation doesn't work but I can walk through it. I can't tell when doors are open or not and it's bugging me.

I'm getting this too ever since we started playing on our own server. Works fine for the first game, after a map change all the doors stop working until I leave and rejoin. I really hope this gets fixed soon as its very annoying on some of the points on Refinery with tons of doors.

For me doors generally work, sometimes when I'm running and then do the door bash thing, it'll like bug out and result in some weird behaviors, but it doesn't happen too often.

@resolama1 I’ve seen many issues with door animations throughout the entire beta process. Several different issues too I even posted a video at one point somewhere on a few different threads of me sitting on a sandbag beside a door but still a good 2 feet away from the door and an enemy enters the room via door breach (kick animation) and not only does it kill me but my legs explode and I would just like to reiterate that I was literally nowhere near in the path of the door at all. I will say it was pretty comical to watch later in the recap and I had a moderator comment and say he passed the video onto the devs! So that’s always good haha.