So there i was happily playing with another two guys on refinery then this chinese/japanese/korean group of 3 joined (300 ping and moon runes in their names) and they kept shooting us so we would be on low hp then get instadinked by enemy ai, one of them decided to execute me and he giggled over voip, then when i respawned i avoided him as i went to bravo and he came and executed me again, so i thought yano what fuck this im out and i said bye to the guys i was having fun with before these fucktards came.

Then i tried joining a new server and the matchmaking system kept putting me back on that server with them fucktards and after 5 minutes of trying to join a new server i kept getting put back with them so I just hit alt-f4 out of frustration.

Please put in a thing to the matchmaking that doesnt rejoin the same god damn server if you just left it. Even playing solo with bots would be more preferable to being put back on the same problematic server
Even Rocket League has this same issue where you'll leave a game and the dumb system puts you back in that game no matter how many times you try and get a new server.

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