Fix the Airstrikes please.

I'm getting really frustrated because every match I jump into has airstrikes dropping back to F'in back the majority of the match.. I don't like the airstrikes at all, but I understand some people do like them.. that's fine but... if you're gonna have them at least make it so they they can't be called in over & over... and please for the love of god, quiet them down some. This is a video game not a real war. Don't need to bust my F'in eardrums out with airstrikes.. I finally got my brother to play the game and he played one match & quit halfway through it because he couldn't hear anything except that BS the entire match. Probably never get him on again. I would play custom games, but I can't even do that because we don't level up on custom servers? Come on guys..

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I love the airstrikes and the chaos.

I hear ya.. Nothing wrong with that. Like I said.. I understand some people like em. I don't care for them obviously, but I can live with them if they would at least tone em down a bit. When they are coming down back to back to back.. It's a little ridiculous. Plus they are way too loud imo. Shouldn't have to lower my volume, then put it back up, then lower it again, then back up... the entire match.

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I have to disagree on the volume part, I think its very realistic and immersive. Still, with the back-to-back fire support, I see your point. I think this is partly to blame on the commander/observer relationship. You either get a crappy observer/no one wants to play observer, or when you get a "good" observer who just becomes the commander's lapdog, then the team could really pile on all the crap.

This post kind of talks about that with some suggestions on changes. Do you think that maybe overhauling the mechanic might make it more sensible?

@hossfxr I don’t seem to have a volume problem in that sense I don’t know why they’re so loud for you they seem to fit in well with the rest of the sounds. IMHO I wish the gunshots were a little louder maybe the nades as well lol but that’s just me. And as far as I have seen in my experience back to back air strikes is pretty uncommon seeing as the commander only has three to call in and with commanders on both teams that’s a total of six plus the cool downs I just don’t think it’s as bad as your saying but regardless it clearly bothers you and you are by all means allowed to have your own opinion. Wish they had maybe an option to literally customize different sound effects volumes because I would hate to see the sound or even frequency of air strikes nerfed personally! Just my opinion!

Are custom servers allowed to disable airstrikes? If not, please add this feature.

@thehappybub I dunno.. Maybe it's my headset. They are loud AF for me when I have the sound set where I like it the rest of the time when airstrikes aren't dropping. I think if they did an overhaul of the mechanic that would be good. I seen some good ideas on the link you listed. Two commanders is definitely a bit much. Maybe go to one commander. I honestly don't care how they go about it.. I would just like to see airstrikes scaled back a bit. The sound wouldn't bother me as much if it wasn't happening as often. I started playing a lot of firefight since it doesn't have airstrikes but honestly, I don't find the firefight game mode as fun as skirmish or push. It's growing on me though. @planetcanada I have to disagree with you when you say it's not that common for them to drop beck to back. It happens quite a bit for me on official servers. Not every match but many of them. Sure, there are some games where airstrikes are only happening once in a while, but that's not the norm for me. Maybe I'm just really unlucky or game is giving me a big F you because I don't like em.. I dunno but I get it alot..

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@cyoce I don't know if custom servers can turn airstrikes off or not, but I do know that when I play custom games they don't have airstrikes coming down back to back the way they often do in official matches. I actually play custom games sometimes for that reason but what sucks is... you can't level up in custom games.

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Maybe they can just add some more game modes without airstrikes. Give us more options.