Performance: what are you going to do about it?

Well, the titles says it all. While there are peeps out there who at least claim to have very good fps and no performance issues whatsoever, there are also a lot of people (including me) who can't run the game smoothly. The last updates didn't help, made it even worse.
Can we get a comment on that? Do you have any idea how to tackle this problem? A timetable? Anything?
I don't wanna get my hopes all up as soon as you announce a new 'big' update.

I used to complain about two things really: (1) bots sucked (2) optimization sucked... the last update really addressed number one which makes me very happy. Now the optimization remains.

The new update seemed to add more video options and imo made the game look nicer and more vivid, but the lack of smoothness and microstuttering is very noticeable... not to mention the 98% gpu usage!

Our community experienced atrocious stutter pre-Nov-8th-patch. It's almost completely gone since that update and we are very happy with NWIs work.

What gpus, cpus and ram do you guys run on? I've moved from i5 to i7 cpu yesterday and even the tiniest hint of stutter seems to be gone for the most part. My 8g of 2400mhz ddr3 ram almost tops out during play tho.

Added it as signature now. The thing with my system is: I upgraded my RAM to 16GB and Dual Channel end of October. Suddenly Sandstorm ran completely fine and constant on (locked) 45fps with no stuttering whatsoever. Now I am fucked again and feel like some phases in Alpha.
Of course, I suspect that my CPU (4 cores/4 threads) is too lame for this game. But then again, I can play BF5 on 60fps.

@pakislav GTX 970 with 16gb of ram, I have an intel i5. It stuttered less before the nov 8th update, though I wouldn't say its unplayable, its just annoying.

@thehappybub Huh, weird. We have/had the same set-up but completely opposite experience. Are you running windows 10? I'm still on 7.

So we come to the conclusion that that game performs on different systems differently (which... we already knew).
What matters is that some people are struggling (again) to get a decent performance (which they once had). And this is what matters.

(i.e. you can't go to a South American favela and say: "Well, I got enough money so I can't see what their ******* problem is." That is solpsism, you know?)

Still, I would be very grateful for an official comment.

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Turns out I still had modified files from some performance guide. Now that I've deleted those the game looks much better, but runs half as well and I get the stutter/rubber-banding.