Possible Micro-Stutter Fix

I have an RX580 8gb and since the Nov 8th update this game has been unplayable with micro-stutter. I just used my Radeon settings to override the game settings and so far (only one game) no stuttering. This may not be true for all maps. Time will tell, but for now it seems the problem is internal to Sandstorms GPU settings.

Interesting. What settings got changed?

I got a NVIDIA GTX 970 but I'm interested to see what approach you did and how it worked.

you play in dedicated servers?

So rubberbanding happens on the official servers as well as some custom servers, though there's no correlation with the reported ping and the rubberbanding in game.

This microstutter thing is universal though.

I have disabled all in game graphics with my Radeon settings. I than launch the game from Radeon and this has helped me a bunch. It seems to degrade over time but a game relaunch, again from Radeon, seems to fix it. I still run it on low, but get FPS as high as 130. I am no developer, but this tells me the issue is in the games graphic settings.