Ruberbanding (post Nov 8 patch)

When playing on a server, everyone in the game has minor/moderate stutter.
I have experienced this on multiple community servers, however I have yet to play on the NWI official servers to see if this bug is replicated there.

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This is called rubberbanding. and with every person I've asked if they are stuttering/rubberbanding post Nov 8 they have said they are.

The stutter is also happening though. I think the term is microstutter. When looking around there's a slight, yet perceptible "cracking" in the frames or lack of smoothness. I really don't know how to describe it other than a microstutter.

We've experienced no stutter or rubberbanding since the patch. We only play through match-making tho and never tried community servers through the server browser yet.

When the only populated server is a community server, there's no reason to play the game with this lag/rubber-banding/stutter
This is a critical bug