logging problem

I know beta1 you use steam network for player connect and verification.
And some people will drop if they drop from steam,then you change to your game server to login and connect .This may solve problem temporarily.
But this is nightmare for the people cannot link with your company VPS or Physical server.(some government use firewall forbid people connect the International network)
And for Long-term thinking ,if your server down or some thing wrong, people will never can login and never can play this game anymore.(insurgecy2&doi cannot happen)
I dont know what you thinking,maybe you can decision a better login or verification scheme.If you solved drop problem with steam network, that will be a nice way to consider for the formal game launch.
By the way,the community server search and display speed is too slow,that was not happened in insurgecy2&doi.

maybe I should change topic to 'Unable to sign in to New World services' problem
I think this problem is not seen by one person.

This probably explains my "lost connection to the server" problem. In beta 1 I never disconnected from the game, after beta 2 I disconnected from every matchmaking server at random point.