Compass directions on map

It'd be super useful (even essential, I'd say) to have compass directions on the map, at the very least have an arrow pointing north. Couldn't see that in maps.
Even orient the map to always point north, is my preference, maybe some people will disagree to that.

Idk, I think the map should be static. The devs should pick some direction to be north and then that's north for both sides.
In the minimap, "up" could be really any direction depending on what the devs select as "north".


It could be both, digital maps often have an option of "locking" north as up or keep the map details spin in regards to your own position. Realistically it would probably be less work to have a stationary map with north arrow as you mention (less data), then your compass could be visible on the side of the map in your hand to show true north, and if players find that uncomfortable, they can just spin their character until north on map matches compass north -> Even if this may seem more difficult, it is a skill that all people should learn from young age in real life as it is very useful=)

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