studdering Server or game it self?

Hi, i have a problem. with playing in dedicated server's
i get alot of studdering while running idk if its the game or my server...? i have 8 ping but still getting studdering

video here what happands alot.

00:00 00:01 Thats what happands alot hope can somone explaine this is a sever or a game bug..? or maybe other people have it too?

Yeah i have that too ( only on custom COOP servers )
Happens every 10-15 seconds and it´s very annoying.

The bandwidth or the CPU processing power of those custom servers seem to be overloaded.
I think that it is caused by too many bots on such servers.
Never happened to me on official servers.

there just 6 bots when im alone still lagg its weird..

That me every game, every server. However this only happened after the Nov 8th patch, before I was fine, just a low fps.

my fps is fine not the best for a rtx 2080 but thats not the lagg idk its somting in the update indeed. well we did not had any dedicated servers before 8th so 😉

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Hi guys! I add a similar problem. I switch my vertical sync directly on my nvidia card and disabled it in game and now it runs very smooth. Hope it helps.

Its the game... now and then i have to reset my servers and its fine

i dont have lagg no more after dev support