Pick-up LMG sight bug


I have this problem since the alpha! please fix.
U could give the security forces humvees! would change game experience about 100%

that's because you changes some stuff in your .ini file. i had the same problem when i copied some stuff from an optimization guide. delete the file, then go to steam, right click on game, properties, local data and verify game data so it downloads the file again.

@grabbinpeels1 wait, ur right now i remember ! thanks dude

@Gurken_Rick They can't give Security humvees. The brand is suing any developper that uses their vehicles without proper authorization. They should however use custom made models that are lookalikes, imo. Just not authentic humvees. It could be really bad for the game...

@GrabbinPeels1 Where is the .ini file located ? Can't find it in the game files... I have this problem too (even though it's way less fucked-up than what OP is experiencing) and I've never ever touched the .ini file. As I say, I don't even know where to find it to begin with...

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