Hey everyone. This is my first post on this forum. Anyway I had an idea for some endgame material. As we all know many games suffer from lack of endgame material. Your characters get high enough level/your game gets so powerful that you become unstoppable and the game becomes boring. So my idea is this, once your gang becomes powerful enough your patron house offers your gang a job as a mercenary company outside of the hive city and poof the game becomes a 4x base building game where you are running missions out in the wasteland against the other houses, fighting off mutants and orks, salvaging old battlefields, securing mining operations, building your base, buying, vehicles. Eventually you earn enough money to buy a ship and enter phase three. The game suddenly becomes an space strategy/rpg where your ship and crew are mercenaries, pirates, salvagers, smugglers out in space. I've always dreamed of game like this that evolves over time and just keeps expanding. I realize it would be pretty ambitious but I think it would be pretty cool.