Coop is great in small coordinated teams.

I've had a game with 2 of my friends in Coop, talking and coordinating, etc. We advanced slowly, kept overwatch, were very quiet, listened for enemy movements, intimidated the AI, to get a response and lure them out of cover, (the responses are hilarious and amazing by the way). You get what I mean.
Compared to the usual random teamed up matches most of us have, which are chaotic and more fast paced, the coop actually works great when played slow.
I wish the game would have a dedicated PVE gamemode or something that is a bit more slow, "operator" or tactical or whatever, that could bring this variety to the game of slow and fast matches. I don't have an idea of how that could be done, but it might could be.

Agreed. I've just played in a server where there were only 3 people at the start. We weren't coordinated at all, but because there were only 3 of us, there were also fewer AIs, which made the game maybe not slower but less chaotic and intense. Making the AI smarter about camping and taking defensive positions would go a long way. And lowering their numbers is something we'll have to wait for dedicated servers to play around with.

Dedicated server or custom private games, kinda like what CoD does. Maybe we should pitch the idea to NWI?

@Pakislav , @GrabbinPeels1

The way/tactics a team plays is determined by its players, not by the server itself.
If you have a bunch of selfish rushers in the team the game will be very fast paced as they always reach mission objectives faster ( already taking them or destroying them while the rest of the team is still engaged into firefights on their way )
If you have no communication ( with ingame VOIP ) the game will be mostly chaotic, ending up that everyone fights on different spots without support.

I am not sure what exactly you guys want additinally to the already existing "custom private games" or "dedicated servers"

Start game ---> Click on PLAY ---> Move your mouse to the COOP section and move to the bottom line and click on BROWSE SERVERS
( and only on that line ...not above ! )

Then you will get a list of all available custom servers and there you also can see the maximum players allowed on this server.
If it doesn´t list servers just click ONCE on the REFRESH button on the very top right and wait aprox. 30-40 seconds
( the list is shown delayed so please be patient ! )

For coop games there are ( at the moment ) only a few who reduced the maximum player number ( for better communication and overall better
game performance with less players )

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thanks captain obvious... we all know that players determin the game flow.

What I was saying is, that it would be nice to see something like a "Nighttime Spec Ops, Clear the area, and don't raise the alarm or else reinforcements arrive" gamemode that forces players to take it slow and think, rather than rush the points.
Would give the game some cool variety.
Relying on custom servers to give us content? i don't know about that. This isn't Bethesda here...


Damn, those servers are already added? I had no idea. Same with recap, I had no idea such an awesome feature was a thing until two days ago. And it doesn't even store large files on my drive!

As for "rushers". In most coop games everyone is usually able to keep up. The most atrocious game I ever played was with a threeo of guys who kept just sitting put, away from any objectives or enemies, calling support on top of their own team. For fucks sake I was the last man standing defending the last objective with 0 seconds to go, and those guys just sat literally right outside the objective, not moving, for some 5 minutes. It was baffling. And the entire time they just kept saying "stop rushing, stop rushing". xD

'No-rushers' as I call them, are the hardcore games equivalent of 'your-momers' of CoD.