The optimizations are very welcomed. I have turned up Texture, Shadow, Effect, and Foliage quality to "High" whereas before I had to have literally every option in the game turned to the lowest possible setting or else it would stutter.
The game runs at about an average of 70-80 FPS which is not fantastic but for a UE4 engine game, that's pretty good, since it's steady (no hard drops.) I still don't use any of the extra crap (Anti-aliasing, occlusion, screen space reflections, etc.) but the game looks pretty decent.

A bit of an annoying bug still in the game is when you have ADS set to "Hold," opening the comms menu while aiming causes it to stick, and even if you have released your ADS button prior to releasing the comms menu, you will still be aiming down sights.

I had the bug earlier today where interrupting a reload caused the next magazine to be loaded into my FAL did not render, only the rounds.

Currently the "Objective Indicator Opacity" setting does not save. I keep setting it to 20.0 and it keeps resetting to 100.0

Looting weapons needs some work. Sometimes you just want to pick up a grenade off the ground, but even though the prompt is showing on your screen, you're too far away and it won't do anything when you try to interact with it. Sometimes when you get the pick up grenade prompt, you instead pick up the primary weapon laying on top of it.

The coop is still fun and a bit more fresh now with Refinery as well as having to worry about grenades coming into doorways / windows.

I still feel the AI turret aimbot needs to be nerfed because often you can't peek it for even a second, and if you survive, it will just kill you through the wall anyway. I had one kill me today when I couldn't see his head through the smoke, but I think that's more a problem with the smoke effects.
The bots have a bad tendency of bunching up, and now they like to hang around already captured objectives and hunt players when they should be retreating to defend the objective. I think there should be a middle ground where they back up slowly and carefully as to not get shot in the back. They should definitely not
hang around an already won objective and kill players while they are resupplying.

Resupply crates are still a bit buggy and it's usually a problem where I double tap my interact key to quickly grab some extra mags/rockets but it ends up starting a full resupply.
Sometimes it won't stop you from moving and you start to stutter-step around which doesn't happen as often as it used to, but can happen still, hopefully that gets fixed.

I find it weird how the respawning on COOP / Checkpoint is inconsistent. Sometimes when you capture the point that then becomes "Defend," it respawns the dead players, but sometimes it doesn't. Fine if you want it to be random, but at least let people know that it is, if not a bug.

On another positive note, I still absolutely love the first person weapon models in this game. Whoever did the work on them is an absolute unit.

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