Mud Runner PC Specs List (Player,Mod Maker,Map Maker)

This has been a long time question to every mod maker , lately is has been the top one in my pms for about a month ago, and althought i answer every pm (hate ones first when they come) i wanted to make this thread and maybe get a ,moderator to make it a sticky post

It all starts with this 2 question most of the time
¿Hey Forces what specs does your pc has?, I want to get into (mod making,map making,3D modeling)
¿Hey Forces what are your PC specs I see your mods and you must need a beast PC to use them?

well not at all my specs were and are low compared to other users

so here are my specs and I also want your specs to create a list from the bottom up of minimal,recomende and 4k gaming specs

I'll start with my old laptop the one that got me into mod making back in spintires

HP 4410S proBook Laptop
32 Bit Win Vista
2.10 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo T6570 (2 CPUs)
2 Gigs of Ram
Intel Chipset Family HD graphics max res 1920x1080 output for external screens (APU)

It got about 10 to 15 fps on a small windows in it but I was able to play some maps and only my mods since they were optimized and never went over 60k-70K polys (and looked awesome) and in full screen (1336x768) I got up to 10fps

no it cant make maps since it doesnt has a GPU or Vram

My old Work pc (I dont know all the specs but here is its DxDiag)

alt text
alt text

it ran the game good but not in full screen, it could handle some mods (not from the know mod makers) but it could do 30 to 50fps in a 1336x768 windows

and now my actual pc (half built)

Win 7 Ultimate 64x
Intel I5 2500 3.30Ghz quad core
4gb DDR3 ram Stick
EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 (stock clock)
Intel DH67BL mobo

It can go from 30 to 60 fps in 1600x900 full screen or 1600x1024 full screen with no scaling (black bars around the screen) since that the actual card limit, I can do 1920x1080 at 30 or less fps... and stay in 40 to 60 fps in windowed mode in a 1336x768 rectangle all those are tested with any mod in any map (maybe not all since some rock filled maps can bog me down sometimes)

now when it comes into Map making, im not a fan of making maps mostly because i get anxious and rush them, but i have updated some 64x64 maps from the spintires into Mud runner and never had a crash with them (maps like Canyon,River,The Pit, Oxbow,wheerdite,Silvertone OHV,TerraVerde,Siberia,TataStory,The Few,Monkey trails ) wich were really demanding in gpu and cpu maps back then I can load them in the editor in secs and move around them with ease

when it comes into 3D modeling I use Blender (free team yeah!) Substance painter 2.1,HRDI Light Studio,Vray,Autocad,3DS max 2015 and so far my biggest model its 200k (not for game, all my models are under 120k with all addons) and my latest pc can handle them and render (Cycles render for blender) a 1920x1080 image at 500 samples in 30 mins at 200 samples at 10 mins without a white back drop and take a bit longer (over 20mins) with a back drop at 200 samples
check my turbo squid link and youl see my models images (all but the Volvo c303 and chevy K5 where made with the new pc)

so now i want mod makers and Players to post your specs or screens of your dxdiag to help other get into the game

to do a dxdiag check just click crtl+r and type DxDiag and press enter

  • Win7 Ultimate x64
  • AMD Phenom 2 920 quad-core CPU
  • Sapphire Radeon HD5770 1GB GPU
  • 6GB DDR3 RAM
  • Asus <<can't remember, K8V-X maybe?>> mobo

Average 40-50fps @ 1280x1024 (old-ass 4:3 19" monitor, don't judge lol) until my CPU heats up, then it'll dip to 10-15fps while the thermal throttling is in effect.
Student copy of 3DSMax 2018 (Team Free also, but only for 2 yrs heh)
Adobe Photoshop CS2 (and I even still have the eye patch, peg leg and parrot that came with it back in the day...)

HP ZBook 15 G5 Mobile Workstation (laptop):

  • Windows 10 Pro 64
  • Intel Core i7-8750H with Intel UHD Graphics 630 (2,2 GHz basefrequentie, max 4,1 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost-technologie, 9 MB cache, 6 cores)
  • 256-GB PCIe NVMe SSD
  • NVIDIA Quadro P1000
  • 1x 8gb DDR4 RAM

These are the main components and, as you can guess, it runs the game smooth without the charger connected. Only thing is that I quit modding (at the moment) because I need my storage for more important stuff and I have no HDD, also need to buy an external drive at some point.

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this is my pc,
_ in game with Everything turned Off in the game settings, And all settings in windows are at the absolute lowest. and i'll get 20 to 25fps at best , just with default settings- 5 to 7fps. so i don't really know how good the game actually looks, i have to keep the gpu slider off, and the cpu slider at 1/2.
_I use CS5 Illustrator and photoshop (64bit) ..
_i haven't figured out 3dmax, or blender.. i have all of the other the recommended software, i just can't figure any of it out. and a 100Mbps cable internet connection..
_i think everything else is in the screenshot??
0_1542391259883_Specs.JPG 0_1542391312410_specs 2.JPG

MR should fly on that rig, dude. Beats mine by a fair bit and I get higher fps. I'd say something else is buggered and causing your fps to drop...

@mexican_420 actually no yours has a ddr5 Vram while his has a Slower but cooler ddr3 vram

and I also see a all in one line maybe his pc is a all in one and those thing just like my laptop they can get really hot really fast , my laptop is always throthling down even when I use word

I check this before getting a new gpu because i see some random offer online

I check this before getting a new cpu because i see some random offer online

Showing my age heh
I'm not as in-the-loop on hardware as I once was.

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@mexican_420 said in Mud Runner PC Specs List (Player,Mod Maker,Map Maker):

MR should fly on that rig, dude. Beats mine by a fair bit and I get higher fps. I'd say something else is buggered and causing your fps to drop...

__Hi Mexican, I think that the gpu only being rated @ 0.5gb, is a huge part of it.. i can't change it either, it's built in , on the board..

@Forces , should i open the side cover and check the temps of certain parts,???

thank you guy's _rufus

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@Mexican_420 trust me i loose my connection to the ouside world every now and then and voila its like i been years under a rock playing with a tissue,a coin and a ruffles chip
@rufus try to install SpeedFan this will tell you your cpu (overall and core by core),gpu,ram,hdd,ssd temps, also check the exhaust/fan cooler grill the cpu area too and if you can connect any extra fans to it, dont doubt in doing it , some HP all in ones have fins or extra grills around the ram,cpu and gpu areas so check if they're clean and are open to air (nothing blocks them) and air can flow around them

my laptop has no opens areas under it sadly so I have to put it on some 2cm stands with a small fan to the intake of the fan

Here's my PC:

Dell OptiPlex Small Form Factor

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @3ghz
Asus GeForce GTX 750
500GB 2.5" HDD (stolen from laptop)

@a-slice-of-pizza hey how is the heat handled by the optiplex??those pc are really small inside and have pretty small fans, the ones we had in the office have the fans always at max speed

@Forces Its actually managing a decent CPU and GPU temperature. Might be because I have the side panel off all the time. Also the GPU is regular form factor so it doesn't actually fit with the PC. But somehow, just somehow the damn thing works.

And its not loud at all either

@klimbo12 and specs are?? Btw y flaged your posts as spam

I Hate bumping threads lol but i just found this
So for over 3 months i've been thinking in getting a gt1030 ddr5
but its seems imposble to actually get it for me (lots of reasons)

but i found this gpu that its 95% better to the gt1030 (wich is already better than my gts 450 by 95% )

Gt1030 vs RX 460
and here is a link of the price of it
Amazon (scroll down to see prices compared to others cards)

Hehe, cue the ATI/AMD vs nVidia fanboy flame war... XD

@Mexican_420 hahaha i always forget about that, lets make it worst then,
Nvidia vs AMD/ATI and use Chevy vs Ford to explain why hahaha

(just a joke lets keep this as civil as possible #MakePeaceNotWar)
back on topic,
the RX 460 does seem to have compatibilty issues with older (pre 2014) boards while the Gt1030 doesnt (from what i've readed in some forums and seen on videos) and it kinda makes sence its a GPU made for OEM Hewlet packard PC's