Since november update servers has been goddamn awful. Even if I shoot players to the head or several times to the body, blood comes out but they don't die. My friend who has played with me told me also that netcode is fucking trash since last update. If this game is going to be competetive, netcode is crucial and developers should know this.

At this point I wouldn't mind if the developers would revert all the changes that came 8/11 patch. It seems that everything is worse now. Damn I love this game but if the servers are trash, player count is nonexistent and optimizations are still not where those needs to be at launch, I might have to refund this game. It is a shame because I bought this game twice (one for me, one for my friend)

Sorry for the long rant but things have to change. I might get hate for this but I don't care. I know that a lot of people agrees with me.

Im sure that developers are doing their best. They have done amazing work. I just think that the things are not where those needs to be yet.