Keep losing clothes

It seems like every time I launch the game I've lost a part of clothing for my operators, it's pretty annoying that I have to grind again for the exact same pieces of clothing.

I've had the same thing happen a few times. The first time I guess they came back on their own. The second time, I noticed they added more stuff, so I started previewing. The problem, was the Tigerstripe that I had unlocked already disappeared and I am being told that I have to pay for it again. 😕 I don't understand that kind of glitch. But all I did was preview other clothes and now my tigerstripe is off my character, and my preset models that I saved. It's all back to woodland. I'm also missing other items but, there are more than I can really even rememebr off the top of my head so that's a lost cause.

At any rate the Tigerstripe was the most expensive that I lost.

theres also a couple of things that have dissapeared completely

insurgent headgear all black shemagh has been deleted. that was my favorite 😞