Performance after today patch! 11/14/18

Almost perfect here! I had some rare stutter but overall performance and gameplay balance is very good!
Some moment in the game I had a stutter or frame rate drop, what seemed the game was loading or managing something.

Is there a way to diminish holosight bright? Some RDS are too bright and others(like cobra rds) with low bright, a control is needed for that!

Updated: I play a solo mission on local play now and I increased texture streaming pool to high and it performed good without stutter but cant guaratee about microstutter. I noticed some fluidity loss sometimes.

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Same here, performance seems a lot better.

Unfortunately I cannot agree. On my system performance got A LOT worse since the update of 8th November and still remains bad after 14th.
Massive frame drops from 45 to the twenties happen now complete randomly. Before the updote some minor fps dips happened when a lot was going on on the screen. Now it even happens on spawn point standing still.
While the CPU isn't used much (~60%), I can clearly see that the fps drops correlate with a significant increase in CPU usage. But then again: I could play this game in somewhat good performance already, and I can play Battlefield V on High settings with a nearly constant 60fps.

System: i5 7300HQ; GTX 1050ti 4GB; 2x8GB (2400).

I find it especially funny when people praise the great performance but miss to state their system.