OMG I just realised! Did everybody else know?

There was me thinking over and over, what is wrong with this game, why does it feel so off, why is the environment so confusing to look at, why does it feel like there is huge input lag, why do I keep missing shots, does it need more optimisation, why does this game feel like 30 FPS even when I am getting 140, is the game SUPPOSED to feel this bad.

So I started experimenting with the weight system, I tried only pistol, nothing else and the game feels 1000% better. No input lag feeling, no woolyness, no environment confusion, in control feeling.

And then I tried normal loadout of ak, extended mag, red dot, fore grip, and back to the crappy feeling again. So it is all because of the weight system, I never knew.

So this post is dedicated to all those who like me had no idea why this game feels so bad, so out of control. Maybe I am a bit thick, and everybody else was already clued in about this game mechanic?

Bold move by the devs, has this ever been done before?

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@gprologitech Nice click-bait title. Pretty much everyone who read the patch notes figured this out the day of the patch.

Thanks! I think there could be a lot of people unaware of why the game feels like this going by the number of posts complaining about:

  • The game feeling "off"
  • Doesn't feel like old insurgency
  • Input lag
  • Blurry map
  • Mouse acceleration / something wrong with sensitivity
  • Constantly beating the optimisation drum even when getting decent frames.

I can't think of another FPS game where the fundamental ability to look around and turn quickily has been messed with.

It sounds like a good idea in theory for more realism but in practice it does not make an enjoyable experience feeling like you are not really in control and messing up your ability to make sense of the environment. If what you see on screen is in a constant state of catching up with your mouse movements and because lcd displays are blurry during movement it really messes with your ability to get a clear view in game.

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Does it really affect ability to look around? Maybe there's something about weight calculations or what ever that affects performance beyond frame rate... Because it def feels off often. I'd have to test it and find out.

I may be wrong but it sure feels that way, maybe something else is going on, maybe different weapon textures are slowing things down. On my pc a 180° turn with pistol feels faster than with other weapons + attachments (no ADS). Let me know how you get on with your testing.

This is interesting. I noticed the problems, but I thought it was just me. I'm gonna test this out.

the weight system does not cause input lag, blurry map, or cause Mouse deceleration.

it makes your ADS slower, and move slower [speed wise like when sprinting]. If your having the issues above, its because you are having optimisation issues.

It doesnt feel 100% like the old insurgency because its not supposed to, its supposed to be a new game, not a refurbished or remastered insurgency source!