Not some major game-play breaking experiences just minor glitches here and there:

-When magazine is empty when reloading after placing the mag in the bolt/slide release animation doesn't play: this was the case with all the weapons i tested (G3, FAL, MK17, MP7, Browning HP, M9) and i assume if would've been the case if i tested out all the guns too. instead of playing the whole animation it just plays the regular animation (tactical reload).

-In Coop on Farmhouse when we were on the last obj (F) we were defending upstairs and a suicide bomber entered the building in the floor beneath and when exploded killed half my team even if we were upstairs and supposedly "in cover"

Overall November 14th hotfix included good changes that i was hoping for (lower recoil) which i was very happy with since i thought recoil was a little too much when last week's major update rolled out.